• Female
  • 30/9/2012
  • Medium Cross
  • Sterilized, Vaccinated, Microchipped, Passport.
  • Simba is very loving and friendly and loves to cuddle you.
  • Last updated: 06 Aug 2018


  • Male
  • around 28/3/2016
  • Large Breed
  • Vaccinated and blood tested, chip and passport and is castrated
  • Max was left by his owner, locked in a house with two other dogs. Max is a very lovely boy and walks well on the leash. He has tested positive to Leishmaniosis, but will just need to take tablets that will keep the disease at bay. He is a very friendly boy who gets on with other dogs.
  • Last updated: 06 Aug 2018


  • Female
  • 15/02/2016
  • Medium breed, Spanish goat dog cross
  • Fully vaccinated, with chip and passport, sterilized
  • Lola is a loving girl who likes the company of people and other dogs. She walks very well on the lead and is well behaved. She is such a loving girl who would suit a family.
  • Last updated: 06 Aug 2018


  • Male
  • Adult dog
  • Medium cross
  • Fully vaccinated and with chip and passport, castrated and with blood tests
  • Gilbie was found sad and lonely, abandoned in the country side.
  • Last updated: 06 Aug 2018

Carles Puyol

  • Male
  • 2014, about 4 years old
  • Medium/large breed, Husky
  • Fully vaccinated, with chip, castrated
  • Carles has a loving family but sadly it is not possible for him to stay, He is good with people and other dogs but not small ones as he is quite boisterous.
  • Last updated: 06 Aug 2018
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