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Here at Barneys we are alwways looking for new members to help support our cause for helping dogs in Spain find good homes!
We are in need of adopters who can provide a home for the many dogs (see our website for more details) and particularly for foster carers who help provide that initial important step to improving health, regaining trust and rehabilitation in readiness for a more permanent move. Barneys help with all the costs of looking after these dogs.
If you want to become a supporter of Barney’s Dog Rescue you can fill out the form below.
We have helped hundreds of dogs find loving homes. We hope you will join us in this effort 🙂

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When I went out to pick Tyson up he was huddled in a corner and the people who found him had covered him completely with an old rug. When I removed the rug all I could do was cuddle him, he was so weak and close to death. Tyson was suffering from Leishmania. This disease ravages the body of dogs that are not protected, it is a real problem as so many dogs are chained outside without protection. I wanted to keep Tyson but was offered a home for him with a wonderful couple who love him as much as me. He is now called Glen.






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A big thank you for all the stuff we have had donated by Wagtails Petshop and Gilly Minnican and a big thank you also to Mark Sweetman Costa Blanca Dog Homing Animal Transporter for bringing all the stuff from England for us. Also to Paul Sullivan for collecting from Mark. Thank you all for your help. The dogs love all the goodies.



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I have attached some pictures of the first dog I had with Leishmania. Poor Beauty was close to death and reduced me to tears, when I saw her. She needed lots of care, but recovered to be a wonderful dog who found a home again.

The initial medication to treat active Leishmania is expensive and lots of love and care are required to help the dog not only to recover her health but to accept that people are not all cruel.

The donations that we receive from people help us cover the medical expenses and extra care needed to bring these dogs back from near death. It is well worth the effort as you see in these photos. Beauty started taking regularly medicine that keeps the illness at bay and that enabled her to regain her strength and enjoy a happy life!

If you want to help us with a donation, we appreciate it and the dogs do, too!



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Barneys wants to thank all our volunteers who have spent their time to help us find new homes for these loving dogs. In order to continue our rescue effrts, we need assistance with food, medical supplies, bedding and transportation to help these dogs find new homes.
We appreciate your donations because they help us to keep working at our goal to find homes for every dog we find!
We are now on PayPal so you can click the DONATE button and give a donation directly, or you can send it to our bank account directly.
to see the dogs we have homed so far, click on the tab on the website that says “Homed Dogs”.
Thanks for your continued support.

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