Dukie (Dumbo) – Successfully re-homed

  • Male
  • DoB Approx 26/06/2012
  • Castrated, Vaccinated, Microchipped, Passport
  • Pointer
  • Dukie came to Barney’s when he was just 7-8 weeks old and he was in a bad way. Dukie progressed well and was adopted but had to return to Barney’s as one of the adopters other dogs was picking on him. He soon found an adoption in the UK but this fell through when it was found he tested positive for Leishmania, although the levels were very low. He has been retested and the results are negative. To add to his woes he has a problem with his back legs. This has revealed a problem with his hip. It is such a shame as he is a beautiful boy and one that would thrive in a caring new home.

Stevie – Successfully re-homed

  • Male
  • Approximatley 01/01/2002
  • Microchipped and Pet Passport Can Be Organized. Vaccinated
  • Rough Coated Collie
  • He was found wandering on a busy road and came in to Barneys.
    Stevie is blind but is very intelligent and has settled very quickly to his new environment. he loves cuddles and will give you his paw.

Tia – Successfully re-homed

  • Female
  • DoB Approx 5/3/12
  • Pedigree Bodeguera Andaluz
  • Sterilized, Vaccinated, Microchipped and Passport
  • Tia is a very active little dog who likes walks and cuddles. She adores children and is used to other dogs, house-trained. She is a real little gem.

Daniella – Successfully re-homed

  • Female
  • Approx. 15/11/11
  • Fully vaccinated and has her passport and chip, also sterilized.
  • Toy breed
  • Found in a compound in the pouring rain with no food, water or shelter.
    Daniella is very timid and needs a new owner who will give her time to gain her confidence. She is used to other dogs.

Donna – Successfully re-homed

  • Female
  • DoB Approx 2010
  • Shepherd/Spanish Mastin Cross
  • Sterilized, Vaccinated, Microchipped, Passport.
  • Donna came to Barneys after living on the streets; the following day she had a litter of nine pups (of which seven survived). Donna has been a wonderful mum and her puppies have thrived. Now it is time for her to have her own secure and loving home where she can have the TLC she deserves. She is a gentle giant.
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