• Female
  • DoB Approx 01/04/2012
  • Shepherd/Malinois Cross (Large)
  • Sterilized, Vaccinated, Microchipped, Passport
  • Lady was found very thin and desperately in need of care. She came to Barney’s and is currently in a foster home. She has recently undergone an operation for a broken hip. She has been tested and found negative for Leishmania.


  • Female
  • DoB Approx 2011
  • Poodle Cross
  • Sterilized, Vaccinated, Microchipped, Passport
  • Floss was found with five puppies. Four were locked in a derelict building leaving Floss and one puppy outside. Fortunately for all of them they were rescued and came to Barney’s. Floss was in a bad state and the lady who rescued her had to clip her coat because she was so matted.


  • Male
  • DoB Approx 14/02/2013
  • Podenco/Malinois cross (Medium)
  • Vaccinated, Microchipped, Passport
  • Jose was found in the campo, very thin and had lots of scars. He had obviously been ill treated although he is not a nervous puppy. He loves people and has settled with his foster carer quite quickly. He will be ready for homing by the end of May 2013


  • Male
  • DoB Approx 27/01/2013
  • Shepherd/Spanish Mastin cross
  • Vaccinated, Microchipped, Passport
  • Rover is part of a litter of 9 (only 7 survived) born at Barneys in January 2013. Their mum is Donna (see re homing page) a big Shepherd/Spanish Mastin cross. He will be big as they all weighed approx 12 kilos at 12 weeks old. Rover is very laid back and gentle. Rover is very friendly and will be a beautiful dog when fully grown. He is ready for homing.


  • Male
  • DoB Approx 21/02/2013
  • Shepherd Cross
  • commenced vaccinations, Microchip, Passport ready for end of May 2013
  • Rocky was kept and locked up by his owner and cried continuously. One of Barney’s foster carers convinced the owner to give Rocky up for adoption and this was agreed. He is currently at a foster home. Rocky was quite nervous but he is gaining in confidence and is turning into a happy puppy. Rocky will be ready for homing by end of May 2013
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