Here at Barneys we have been helping hundreds of dogs find loving homes. We are always looking for fosterers and fund raisers so if you can help please call 659274573. We always produce an annual calender for sale that represent some of the hundreds of dogs we have successfully rehomed. The calendar is a quality publication that would grace any home. The costs of printing are covered by the sponsorship from many local companies. All of the money raised through their sale helps us continue our important work. We hold various fund raising events throughout the year, the details are always posted on our website under forthcoming events.
Have you considered being one of our many members? You could become a member for €10 per annum – the form is available to download from the website. You could also donate monthly straight into our bank account the details are below.
We now have a shop in Canada de Trigo. It opens to the public on 2nd September and will be open Tue and Friday 1100-1400 and Friday and Sundays 1900-2200. The shop is opposite the bar in the main square. Volunteers to help with the shop are welcomed.

We need around €3000 each month for us to continue our work so please continue to support us.

IBAN: ES24 0487 0485 7490 0700 3589
BANK BRANCH: 0487 0485 7490 0700 3589

Please take a look at the list of HOMED dogs to see all the dogs that have found new homes because of our volunteer work

You will notice a DONATE button on our website. Please feel free to send us whatever you can.
Want to pay by PayPal? – then please use the button but remember please use the friends payment process and pick up the cost of the transfer.

Every small bit helps. Just so you know how your donations are used. Please see where the money can be used.

Feed 5 dogs for 1 month – 50 euros
Sterilize one female dog – 75 euros
Give worming medicine to 20 dogs – 100 euros

Only through your generous support can we keep helping these poor defenseless animals and find new happy homes for them.